Solar power generation!

Yesterday I managed to get enough done on the wiring of the solar arrays such that I was able to temporarily connect half of the panels.  I still need to lay the conduit and pull the wire through it, but before pulling the wire through the conduit I figured it would be a good idea to give everything a functional test just to make sure it’s all working as expected.

Here’s a screenshot of the system status screen:

Solar Charging
Solar Charging

Around 2,300W, and that is only half of the array!  When we get the other half fired up, we should have more than enough power.

More to come soon!

One thought on “Solar power generation!

  1. That is wonderful! You will be cozy and warm in your house this winter. When it’s all done you can sit by the fireside with your lovely wife and admire your workmanship, discipline, strength and ingenuity. You are a dynamo!

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