Monthly Archives: January 2010

Playing around with Adobe Social Beta

Just got around to checking out the new Adobe Social beta, and it’s a pretty neat service. It will be interesting to see what they charge for it when it’s released.

Here’s a quick test I did with it, click the Connect button and you can log in using any of the social services listed, and it will retrieve your nickname, thumbnail image, and friends list.

No data is saved or anything like that, this is just a test!

Nova Scotia Road Trip 2007

I’m pretty excited, I was going through some old folders on my computer last night, organizing things, and I found these pictures from when Heather and I drove to Nova Scotia in July 2007.

I had thought these photos had been lost last time I upgrade my computer but it appears not!

I’ll update this post later with some further notes/thoughts.

Amsterdam / Belgium Trip 2009

Heather and I just got back from a week in Europe, we went to Amsterdam, checked some stuff out there, then went down to Belgium on a EuRail train to visit a friend.

I’ve set up all our pictures in a series of slideshows on Flickr, you can view the collection here or just check out the related content below!

We encountered all sorts of strange oddities while we were over there, but I’m still a little jet-lagged so will write about them later!

Amsterdam: Getting There

Amsterdam: Settling In

Around Amsterdam

Heading to Belgium

In Bruges

Heading Home