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What’s new? A lot!

I realize it has been quite some time since I posted up here about how things are coming along with the house. As many of you may have imagined, we are happily living in the house and have gotten a great deal of things done to make it feel more finished, and like a proper home.

Of course, there is always more to do (it sometimes seems an unending list)!

Many will remember that when I bought the “rustic” red oak hardwood, it came unfinished and with a great deal of fill applied (all the dark spots in the below photo) and looked like this:

Well, we finally got a local hardwood flooring guy to come around and finish it, and we are delighted with how it came out!

It was quite an endeavour to pull of, as to run his floor sander we had to rent an enormous 20kW tow-behind diesel generator.

During this process, I replaced the construction stair treads and risers leading to the basement with some nice red oak versions as well, so that’s also finished out (though, I clearly still have to finish drywall mudding and painting the stairwell, as well as some trim work)

We also got the house stained, so it no longer looks like just a shack in the woods, and got a proper home standby, propane powered, automatic start generator to back up our solar system (much nicer than having to fetch gas to run the generator).

Of course, we’ve continued to landscape, and our efforts gardening little by little over the past few years are finally starting to pay off.