Winter is here!

Yesterday morning it started snowing here, and it hasn’t stopped.  I think it must have snowed more heavily during the night, as there is a fairly substantial amount of snow on the ground out there this morning…and there is no sign of it letting up.

Watching the snow slowly covering the solar panels has reminded me that I have yet to adjust our panels to the steeper, 60-degree angle, which will help them shed the snow a bit more readily, and also collect a few more precious rays of sun (critical at this time of year.)  I hadn’t gotten around to it yet as we have had what seems to be an unseasonably sunny fall, even through the beginning of November.

I was able to take a couple quick passes on our driveway with our new tractor-mounted snowblower, but when I left to drive to work, I didn’t get far before I found the first casualty of the storm.

Introduction to Winter 2016
Introduction to Winter 2016

Perhaps today might be a better day to work from home!