Still at it! Winter is coming (again)!

Just wanted to do a quick update on our recent progress with the house.  You might have thought, “Those guys must be finished everything by now”, but you’d be wrong.  We have only a couple things left to do to get our final occupancy certificate, and one of them that is just taking forever to get done is the siding.

I finally completed the third (of four) walls, and have started on the last wall in hopes of getting it done before it is too cold to work outside.

Gable end siding (West side)
Gable end siding (West side)

Of course there is still the battens and trim around the window to be installed, and then staining the siding after that, but we are getting there (baby steps!)

I also managed to get our radiant heat system connected, and it works really well.  I still have to figure out some kind of thermostat system, it is very much manual, but we are exceptionally cozy in here so far as the temperatures are dropping off.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon showing the final wall of siding completed, that will mean we will be just about ready to get our final occupancy!

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