Getting stuff done

Yesterday and today dad and I worked on a number of things.  We finished drywalling in the majority of the stairwell and even started mudding some of that.

All we have left is a couple pieces down the left hand side, and to install a handrail for safety.

We also got both of the 50′ lengths of strut drilled and installed for the solar racking, so as soon as the last of the fittings arrive at the supplier we can start setting that up.

Lastly, we started closing in the porch with a couple of sheets of OSB so that we can continue our siding all the way around the porch.

Closing in the porch for the siding
Closing in the porch for the siding

Tomorrow we will probably start preparing to build out handrails for the porch stairs and try to finish off the drywalling in the stairwell.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, stay tuned for more updates!