A few more items off the list

Over the past couple of days it has actually been warming up, and all the snow and ice melted off the roof of the house.  It’s still wet, which makes it extremely dangerous to work on, but I was able to get out there anyway and finish putting up the roof ridge vent, and the remaining steel trimwork to keep the rain / snow from coming in.  It is good to get it done so that I don’t really have to go up there anymore unless there is a particularly good day for it.  All that’s left up there is installing a “pipe boot” around the main plumbing vent, and a few more rows of screw fasteners into the steel roofing panels to fully secure them.  For now we will just pray there is no hurricane force winds!

We did get a *lot* of rain last night and this morning when I checked the house, the only water that had come in, was around the plumbing vent, so it’ll be good to get that pipe boot installed in the coming days.

I also got started on the plumbing supply rough in work, first step was picking a good location to mount the PEX manifold and from there it’s as easy as running the lines and crimping the ends.  Here’s a picture of our supply manifold (lots of ports left for future expansion):

Manabloc 18 Cold / 12 Hot Plumbing Manifold
Manabloc 18 Cold / 12 Hot Plumbing Manifold

and the PEX supply lines roughed-in to the laundry area:

Plumbing rough-in for laundry
Plumbing rough-in for laundry

I also spoke with the building inspector about the next steps to insulation, we came to an agreement that since no plumbing supply lines would be run in the exterior walls, except for the laundry supply, that we could forego the rest of that work for the time being and focus on the electrical work.

Oh, right, and I also finished up the framing for the main fireplace:

I’ll end here so I can get back out there and keep building!  Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “A few more items off the list

  1. That PEX plumbing system is amazing…imagine, no more inflexible copper pipes, sodder and blowtorch. We used it in my powder room reno and the plumbing was done in no time.

  2. Solder……..I hate spelling errors and I think there is one in my first post. 🙂
    Hope nothing is blowing away….it is seriously gusty here in Ottawa.

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