More roof work and the front door

The past couple days have been pretty busy, with lots getting done in between the rain.  I have about half the roof covered in sheathing so far, and expect to start the next half tomorrow.

Getting 4’x8′ sheets of OSB up onto the roof is no easy task, especially working by yourself, so I built a rig on the back side of the house, that I use to get the sheets up there – I can push them up half way standing on the ground, and they rest in place on my rig, from there I can go up on the roof and lock a C-clamp onto the end of the sheet and pull it up onto the roof, climbing a series of “stairs” I set up for the task, the dropping the sheets down the front side of the roof into position.

Also today my mom came out to lend a hand, and we managed to get some of the Tyvek house-wrap installed on the porch, and put the front door and a smaller window in.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the pictures!

One thought on “More roof work and the front door

  1. I am so impressed! You have done so much work! This house is truly a labour of love. I really enjoy all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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