Back on Track!

Well, even though the house kit delivery was originally delayed by a week, it turned out the window supplier would still not even be able to meet that date, so we decided to revert to the original date and to ship the windows along later in a couple of weeks, in a second shipment.

That means the kit is getting here tomorrow (Aug 8th) here now!!  (sorry I didn’t get to post this last night as I had intended!)  We have a heavy duty, off-road forklift here with a lifting capacity of 8000lbs, that we rented from a local equipment rental company, and we were lucky enough to find a forklift operator that we were able to hire to do the job of unloading the kit from the truck.  I’ll talk a little bit more about this in a later post I’m still working on about hiring contractors.

Off-road Forklift
Off-road Forklift

We expect the trucker to arrive around 7am and probably the entire unloading process won’t be much longer than a couple hours since we’ve got the forklift here to do the heavy lifting.  I’ll be sure to get a bunch of pictures as usual and will try and get another post up later on after the unloading is complete.

Just to recap – the trucker did arrive at 7am and the forklift operator was not far behind him  The whole unloading process only took about an hour, tops!

Take care and thanks for reading!