Replacing our dodgey fence with a hedge

We wanted to get rid of the ugly, rotting fence in front of our place, so we did some checking around and decided to get a cedar hedge put in, instead of another fence. Sure, they require maintenance and upkeep, but I think the benefits outweigh the work involved in keeping it up. It’ll give us more privacy, cut down on road noise, and should stop a lot of garbage from accumulating in the previously unused corner of our lot.

I looked at the cedars they sell at big box garden centres, the “emerald cedars” which are 6-8′ tall, but apparently those are better for decks and don’t really fill in to become a solid hedge. They also would have been cost prohibitive at around $20 each, and a ridiculous amount of work for me to plant myself. After a bit of searching I found the Cedar Guys, who are a small, local operation just northwest of here.

They have great prices, provide a warranty for their work, and sell Ontario white cedars which is exactly what we were looking for. I took a few pictures of the job coming along (see related)

These guys were real pros, they came in with three guys and two trucks, and had the trench dug and the cedars (all 170 of them) planted in around three hours. They cleaned up the job site and overall Heather and I are both very satisfied with the new hedge!