Progress Update: Oct 29, 2014

For the past week we have been slugging it out, and have gotten quite a lot done.  We assembled some scaffolding across the back of the house so we could complete the final row of sheathing, finish off nailing all the sheathing down, and install the three windows on that wall.  We also built and installed a proper set of stairs to give us a proper entry through the patio door.

We got a little rain during the week, and I’d thankfully planned ahead and had some lumber delivered in advance, so I was able to continue working indoors (which is mostly dry even when it rains now) and start framing up the interior walls – it really changes  the feel of the space to finally start properly defining the rooms with actual walls!

We also continued installing soffit and fascia boards, and put up some of the steel flashing/eave trim which is one of the last steps before we can install the steel roof and we will finally be weathertight!  We have only the soffits left to install on the one gable end of the house so we are pretty happy about that.  As you can see some of our tarpaper was tattered by the strong winds we had last night – we will actually replace this with the superior Ice & Water barrier as it can handle rougher conditions than the tarpaper!

The other thing we got started on was installing a few courses of the tongue & groove finish board which completes the ceiling above the porch.  Once we get that closed in it should stop a lot of the wind from coming into the house!WP_20141029_08_23_23_Pro

Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay with this post, but we are in just such a rush to get everything done before the snow arrives.  Of course, yesterday when my mother and I were working out there, I had unfortunately forgotten to put my steel-toed boots on – and on the one day I needed them.  We were moving some scaffolding and I dropped it on my foot and broke my baby toe  🙁  So I will need to take a couple days rest to recover, before we can continue!  Just another reminder to always be thinking about safety first!

2 thoughts on “Progress Update: Oct 29, 2014

  1. Great to see how far it’s come — bummer about the toe (I love my construction boots!)

    The red tuck tape is good for sealing the house wrap against drafts (draughts?), but I seem to recall from Acme Road a beefier blue tape for waterproof flashing around the windows (and Jennie telling me I wasn’t doing it right) . . .

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