Installing the new countertops

This morning when we got up and had our morning coffee, we decided to tackle the installation of the new countertops.  As I mentioned previously, we got the solid birch butcherblock countertops from IKEA, we needed three pieces 98″ x 25 5/8″ and it’s 1 1/8″ thick.

I ended up picking up a new AC powered circular saw with a fine toothed blade to cut the counters – my battery powered unit would never make it through all that hardwood – and my dad has his Kreg pocket jigs here that we were able to use to cleanly connect all the pieces together.

There were some concerns that the countertop wasn’t going to be thick enough – the IKEA apron-front sink we are planning to install calls for countertops at least 1 1/2″ thick, but I’d read some reports on the internet of the sink going in ok with the thinner counters.  Turns out that everything was fine after all!

Test fitting kitchen sink
Test fitting kitchen sink

I am not too sure what we will get up to tomorrow, but I am sure we will get something done!

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