Finishing bedroom walls, continuing hardwood floor

We continue to have issues with our internet, uploading pictures has now become somewhat difficult but still possible under good circumstances (I’ve not been able to deduce exactly what those circumstances are!)

Since the last post I managed to get most of the master bedroom area  tidied up – we moved the bathtub into the master bath, and in doing so discovered that I actually cut one of the floor tiles wrong, so it looks as though I’ll have a bit of an adventure pulling up that tile and then re-cutting and laying a new one.  I will probably put this off until we do more tiling and rent the tile saw again.

We also managed to get the toilet installed in the master bath, and connect it to the plumbing, so at least now we have a properly functioning toilet that we don’t have to flush with a bucket of water (that was getting old!)

With the cleanout of the bedroom largely complete, I finally got around to installing the last of the vapour barrier and drywall in there, all that’s left is some drywall around the fireplace (has to wait until we fully connect the fireplace).

Finished master bedroom drywall
Finished master bedroom drywall

Once I got that squared away I have been continuing on with the hardwood floor – to keep the hardwood floor going straight in the bedroom, I screwed a sheet of plywood to the floor to provide a solid backing and ensure none of the flooring boards shifted as I nailed them down with the nailer.  In the picture below, you can see I am installing from left to right (looking in the bedroom door) – after I get the “right” side completed, I’ll take up the plywood and use a “spline” to reverse the direction of the tongue & groove flooring (more on this later) and finish off the “left” side of the room, and that will be the end of the flooring except for some trim pieces here and there.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and we’ll be trying to post more frequently now that things are coming along a bit more quickly.

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  1. I love the flooring! I’m sure you’ll get a lot more done now that the winter is behind you. Seeing your blog and the pictures really makes my day!

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