Couple items off the list

Since the last post I finished off nailing the rest of the framing angles (all done, thank god), and also installed the attic ladder, at least, enough to get us to the point we can insulate!  Still needs a few finishing touches but we will pick away at that later on.

I also got started on framing in the openings for the fireplaces and expect to get that wrapped up tomorrow.

Recapping next steps:

  • Installation of HRV and associated ducting (exhaust from kitchen, bathrooms; supply to bedrooms, basement, living room)
  • Complete plumbing supply rough-in
  • Electrical rough-in (both AC house wiring and solar equipment)
  • Install remaining soffit on gable end, complete metal roof trim & fasteners, and ridge vent installation.
  • Install vapour barrier (6mil poly) on the ceiling of the main floor
  • Drywall ceiling of the main floor

Stay warm!

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