Basement (Interior) Insulation Complete!

Well the last few days have been reasonably eventful.  Continuing on from the work in the previous post, we managed to complete the rest of the basement wall insulation and the interior of the basement insulation is now 100% complete!

In the midst of it all we had some rain so we made some efforts to protect the basement with a tarp (with all that insulation it’s basically like a big water-holding tub) – this did not initially go as planned but in the end we managed to collect most of the rainwater on a tarp and direct it down the sump pump pit to be rid of it.

In that last picture in the above image gallery, I am just doing a test of gluing the exterior insulation to the exterior wall – I usually prop some stuff against each board as I go to make sure they are well secure as the adhesive sets up.  When I checked on it this morning, it appears to be attached well, so that’s a good sign.

Today we will get started laying out the radiant heating 1/2″ PEX tubing (we purchased Uponor 1/2″ hePex Plus, a 1000′ roll), so we will be taking some photos as that progresses and  be sure to share them a little later on!

Note to self: Always secure your garbage in the country – the night before last a coyote got into a bag of garbage I forgot to secure and made quite a mess – also, not the kind of animal you generally want to attract!