Meeting the Building Inspector

Today we met with our municipal building inspector to review our finalized house plans and ensure everything is on track.  The meeting went very well and it was nice to meet someone who we had only communicated with via email for the past couple of years.

We went over the plans in some detail and covered off insulation R-values, and also discovered that because we will have a forced air heating system, we aren’t required to have an HRV.  At this point I think we will still go ahead with the Lunos e2 HRV units (three pair) though.

We also discussed our zoning (Rural), and the relevant fees for building: $2200 development fee, $1000 performance deposit which is returned after house completion, and the building permit fee which is $12 per $1000 of house construction budget.

All in all a successful first meeting and, to me, signifies the start of the building process!