House Build: Current Status

Just wanted to get out a quick update as to where we are at present.  Our main goal right now is getting our building permit from the municipality.  To get the building permit we need the following items, and I’ve struck out everything we’ve already completed.

  • Two sets of construction plans, with a completed permit application form.
  • A site plan showing:
    • proximity of all existing neighbouring barns and gravel pits/quarries,
    • location of all existing and proposed buildings relative to lot lines,
    • location of all power lines.
  • Written approvals for roadway access from Provincial Highways, County authorities, or Township Roads Superintendent, as applicable.
  • Health Department Certificate of Approval.
  • Deed/title to the lands.
  • Severance conditions.
  • Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act declaration.
  • Payment of all permit fees.
  • Soils report.
  • Manufacturer’s specifications on both the heat recovery ventilator and furnace/heating apparatus.

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