What is the problem with wind power?

So they are trying to put up some devices which measure the wind (anemometer) in Lake Ontario just off of Scarborough, and the residents are apparently up in arms. I don’t really understand what problems people have with wind power, but I’d like to address a couple of claims the naysayers have been using to prevent the development from going ahead.

“Wind Turbines are an eyesore!”

To which I’d respond, which of the following is less of an eyesore, wind or coal? The power has to come from somewhere!

Wind vs. Coal

“Migratory birds will be killed by them!”

This has actually been proven false in locations where wind power has actually been implemented in the real world, such as Europe.

“Radar studies from Tjaereborg in the western part of Denmark, where a 2 megawatt wind turbine with 60 metre rotor diameter is installed, show that birds – by day or night – tend to change their flight route some 100-200 metres before the turbine and pass above the turbine at a safe distance.”

The thing I really don’t get is where people think all the power is magically going to come from if we don’t harvest the best free resource we have, the wind. It’s clean and about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Here’s hoping we see more wind turbines and solar panels in the future, Ontario!