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Winter is here!

Yesterday morning it started snowing here, and it hasn’t stopped.  I think it must have snowed more heavily during the night, as there is a fairly substantial amount of snow on the ground out there this morning…and there is no sign of it letting up.

Watching the snow slowly covering the solar panels has reminded me that I have yet to adjust our panels to the steeper, 60-degree angle, which will help them shed the snow a bit more readily, and also collect a few more precious rays of sun (critical at this time of year.)  I hadn’t gotten around to it yet as we have had what seems to be an unseasonably sunny fall, even through the beginning of November.

I was able to take a couple quick passes on our driveway with our new tractor-mounted snowblower, but when I left to drive to work, I didn’t get far before I found the first casualty of the storm.

Introduction to Winter 2016
Introduction to Winter 2016

Perhaps today might be a better day to work from home!

Toronto Ice Storm 2013

Well as many people are aware, there was quite a sizable ice storm that came through Toronto on December 22nd, crippling large parts of the city.  At our house we have some very large old growth trees which were heavily damaged by the ice storm.  They also managed to smash up both our cars and our house somewhat.

Check out the attached gallery:

The Eerie Quiet

I always find it a little unsettling when I open my site and realize how long it has been since I last made an update.

Looks like another long spell has gone by without updates – which means, I have been busy!

I have been working on an online multiplayer trivia game for the past few months and it has turned out really well.

I’ve also ordered a Google Nexus One developer handset now that Android 2.2 is available and the device can run Flash (and AIR).

Hopefully won’t be so long between updates this time!

Nova Scotia Road Trip 2007

I’m pretty excited, I was going through some old folders on my computer last night, organizing things, and I found these pictures from when Heather and I drove to Nova Scotia in July 2007.

I had thought these photos had been lost last time I upgrade my computer but it appears not!

I’ll update this post later with some further notes/thoughts.

Amsterdam / Belgium Trip 2009

Heather and I just got back from a week in Europe, we went to Amsterdam, checked some stuff out there, then went down to Belgium on a EuRail train to visit a friend.

I’ve set up all our pictures in a series of slideshows on Flickr, you can view the collection here or just check out the related content below!

We encountered all sorts of strange oddities while we were over there, but I’m still a little jet-lagged so will write about them later!

Amsterdam: Getting There

Amsterdam: Settling In

Around Amsterdam

Heading to Belgium

In Bruges

Heading Home

Replacing our dodgey fence with a hedge

We wanted to get rid of the ugly, rotting fence in front of our place, so we did some checking around and decided to get a cedar hedge put in, instead of another fence. Sure, they require maintenance and upkeep, but I think the benefits outweigh the work involved in keeping it up. It’ll give us more privacy, cut down on road noise, and should stop a lot of garbage from accumulating in the previously unused corner of our lot.

I looked at the cedars they sell at big box garden centres, the “emerald cedars” which are 6-8′ tall, but apparently those are better for decks and don’t really fill in to become a solid hedge. They also would have been cost prohibitive at around $20 each, and a ridiculous amount of work for me to plant myself. After a bit of searching I found the Cedar Guys, who are a small, local operation just northwest of here.

They have great prices, provide a warranty for their work, and sell Ontario white cedars which is exactly what we were looking for. I took a few pictures of the job coming along (see related)

These guys were real pros, they came in with three guys and two trucks, and had the trench dug and the cedars (all 170 of them) planted in around three hours. They cleaned up the job site and overall Heather and I are both very satisfied with the new hedge!

What is the problem with wind power?

So they are trying to put up some devices which measure the wind (anemometer) in Lake Ontario just off of Scarborough, and the residents are apparently up in arms. I don’t really understand what problems people have with wind power, but I’d like to address a couple of claims the naysayers have been using to prevent the development from going ahead.

“Wind Turbines are an eyesore!”

To which I’d respond, which of the following is less of an eyesore, wind or coal? The power has to come from somewhere!

Wind vs. Coal

“Migratory birds will be killed by them!”

This has actually been proven false in locations where wind power has actually been implemented in the real world, such as Europe.

“Radar studies from Tjaereborg in the western part of Denmark, where a 2 megawatt wind turbine with 60 metre rotor diameter is installed, show that birds – by day or night – tend to change their flight route some 100-200 metres before the turbine and pass above the turbine at a safe distance.”

The thing I really don’t get is where people think all the power is magically going to come from if we don’t harvest the best free resource we have, the wind. It’s clean and about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Here’s hoping we see more wind turbines and solar panels in the future, Ontario!

Spring House Photo!

The plants and shrubs are all coming into bloom, making for a pretty nice photo!

When we bought our house it was December so we had no idea what the gardens would be like.

I guess the previous owners were pretty handy in the garden by the looks of it, hopefully we can keep it going!

House May 2008
House, May 2008