Monthly Archives: November 2015

Weekend update

Since my last post I was able to get the second half on the solar array connected, and the power has been coming in steadily with the sun beaming down over the last few days.  We are really pleased by the amount of power we are generating, and we should have more than enough to meet our needs through the shortest days of the year.  Next summer we will no doubt have an excess of power – a good position to be in when you are off-grid!

Over the weekend I popped over to Quebec to help a friend out installing some IKEA cabinets.  They had purchased a couple of the PAX wardrobes, a bathroom vanity (with double sinks), and two medicine cabinets for above the bathroom vanity.  It was a long day on Saturday but I was finally able to get everything wrapped up for them this morning before I left.

We’ll be sure to post more soon as we make further progress!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures, even if they aren’t from our house  🙂

Solar power generation!

Yesterday I managed to get enough done on the wiring of the solar arrays such that I was able to temporarily connect half of the panels.  I still need to lay the conduit and pull the wire through it, but before pulling the wire through the conduit I figured it would be a good idea to give everything a functional test just to make sure it’s all working as expected.

Here’s a screenshot of the system status screen:

Solar Charging
Solar Charging

Around 2,300W, and that is only half of the array!  When we get the other half fired up, we should have more than enough power.

More to come soon!