More solar rack preparation

Today dad and I went out again to work on the solar racking – in the morning before it got so darn hot.  We managed to get the holes drilled and one of the two 50′ lengths of strut installed on the threaded rod we installed yesterday, by the time we were done it was blazing hot, so we decided to do the second 50′ length tomorrow morning (weather permitting, as it seems the rain is rolling in).

After that, we decided to move indoors and start running the interior wiring for our satellite tv and networking, just to get out of the sun.  We drilled in to the basement, under the front porch, and ran new lines from the satellite dish to the area our video and networking hub will be located, and also ran a new line for our cell phone signal booster through the attic and down to the same area.  We just need to run a final wire in from our satellite internet dish, and the cables for our networking, and that will be that.

One other thing we got sorted out yesterday was the plumbing for our dishwasher – we finally got the necessary parts for the drain to get connected and so we were able to give it a test run at long last.  It seems to work well and is super quiet!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I’m sure we’ll have more for you in the next day or so!