Continuing the siding

For the past couple of days, the weather has been nice and clear with no sign of rain.  We figured this was an ideal opportunity to continue installing the siding.  We managed to finish installing all the siding boards across the entire front of the house, and got the starter boards installed on each of the other sides.

From there we decided to work on the west wall because it is the wall with the fewest windows and openings to work around (only one window, and the fireplace chimney vent).  We got a little over halfway done on that yesterday (at least, the lower course of siding), and hope to be able to finish that off today.  From there we will decide if we are going to do the second course of siding on that wall (taking the siding right up to the roof), or continue on with another side of the house and come back to that.  Installing the second course of siding means I need to cut a 27 degree angle on the end of every siding board we install, so it will be slower going.

After we get done installing all the siding boards, we will finish up the exterior siding and trim by installing both gable trim, and vertical battens where each siding board meets.

Unfortunately. some of the siding boards got a bit weathered from being stored outside under a tarp all winter (some boards in worse shape than others), but we are optimistic that a solid colour stain will cover up most of these issues.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully we will have more for you, of the continued siding installation, in the next few days!  Thanks for reading!