Mid-April Update

Well, it seems as though spring is finally here, and we are so happy to see it after such a bitterly cold winter.  I must apologize for the delay, this post was supposed to go up a while ago but I have been having troubles uploading pictures lately  🙁

Since the last post I have been tackling projects on several fronts – I kept going with the hardwood flooring until I got to the row that would continue through into the bedroom area.

Continuation of hardwood floor
Continuation of hardwood floor

I decided to stop there, as I still have to complete installing the vapour barrier in the bedroom, and there are a bunch of construction materials piled up in there, that I needed to get cleared away.  In an effort to reduce clutter, I figured I could finish more of the master bathroom, and that would clear away some of the materials and give me the space necessary to .  To start getting the kitchen in shape, now that the hardwood floor is down, I started getting some of the cabinets in place, so we can really start getting a better sense of the space.

Setting up some cabinets
Setting up some cabinets

While we had originally planned to tile our shower walls, in an effort to move things forward more quickly, we picked up an acrylic shower wall kit and installed that, and then laid down the porcelain tile on the bathroom floor, and got it grouted.  We laid down Ditra XL over the subfloor (the tile goes on top of it) as it provides a pretty waterproof uncoupling layer and should ensure the tiles don’t crack over time.  We chose Ditra XL, instead of regular Ditra, as it will match up well with our 3/4″ hardwood floor so we have a smooth transition from the hardwood to the tile.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, we can finish installing the bathtub, the toilet, and our vanity, and once those are complete the bedroom should be clear out enough to finish off the vapour barrier in there.  Finally, we’ll take care of the drywall and flooring in there, and be much closer to a finished home.

Sorry for the delay in posting, but hopefully all the pictures make up for it!

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  1. Looking more and more like a wonderful home! You are incredibly gifted and talented. This project is truly a labour of love!

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