Spray foam insulation update (Part 2)

Since the last update, things have been reasonably slow going over here, but there is a good reason for it (albeit a shitty one).

It turns out, that the spray foam that the contractor used in our house, does not meet Ontario Building Code standards, and as such our building inspector has given the contractor an “Order to Comply”, to correct the issues (by Jan 31st).  We are not holding our breath – it seems for the first time that we have encountered an unscrupulous contractor, and if they do not comply with the order, they will apparently get fined/taken to court by the building inspector, so we will see where this all goes.  It’s quite frustrating and disappointing to have had such good contractors so far in the process only to be ripped off at this point.

In the meantime, I managed to complete the installation of the vapour barrier on the ceiling, and sealed it all up good with acoustical sealant (which is nasty stuff to work with, if you ever have to use it I suggest having some rubber gloves as if it gets on you, it’s hard to get off).  On that front, we were inspected again and approved by the building inspector to at least start the drywalling of the ceiling, and the interior walls.  I picked up 30 sheets of drywall and got right to work.  Here’s a few pictures:

Thanks for reading, we’ll be sure to give an update soon with how things are going!

3 thoughts on “Spray foam insulation update (Part 2)

  1. Boy o boy, you watch all the crap contractors on TLC and hope you never run into one, so sorry it happened to you. One thing I don’t understand is that you say the inspector gave the ok to drywall the ceiling and walls. Does that mean the contractor has removed his crap or are you just talking about interior walls only?

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