Spray foam insulation update

We expected the spray foam contractor to show up yesterday and insulate the main floor of the house, and the basement wall headers/rim joists, but unfortunately in the bad snow we had yesterday – their truck slid off the road and they needed to be towed.

Today they arrived without incident and got right to work, and by the end of the day they had pretty much wrapped up, here’s a couple pictures to show how it looks now:

Living Room spray foam
Living Room spray foam
Main Floor spray foam
Main Floor spray foam

In the meantime, we are just barely getting by up here.  As Murphy’s Law seems to dictate, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and it seems like we’re getting it back-to-back these days.  Most recently, the furnace in the RV packed it in, so now we are heating the RV with a small propane heater (thank god we have CO detectors in here, or this would be pretty unsafe on the scale of things), but it’s really not quite sufficient, and on cold mornings like today (-26C, feels like -33C), it’s very chilly in here.  A consequence of this is, of course, that the RV water systems have now all since frozen up – so we are really roughing it up here now.

Hopefully now that the insulation is in, we can start making steps towards moving in there and out of the RV, to give us some better shelter from this winter weather.

As always, thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the pictures!


3 thoughts on “Spray foam insulation update

  1. I gather from Heather that the foam installers don’t think you need a vapour barrier in addition to the foam, whereas the building inspector disagrees. Is the inspector asking for 6mil poly sheeting on top of the foam? (Seems redundant to me, but what do I know?) How much would it add to the cost?

    I am impressed with how far you have progressed since my October visit. I wish I lived closer.

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