Insulating the attic space

Yesterday I was able to finish putting up the rest of the vapour barrier, and decided that if we are going to have to heat up the place to get the spray-foam insulation done, it might be best to insulate the attic space, at least partially to keep some of the heat in!

To that end today I ordered 33 bags of Roxul R-22 rockwool batts, that are designed to fit nicely between each of the ceiling joists.  I will need to put in a couple more layers eventually, to get the total R-value of the attic up to a minimum of R-50 (ideally more!), but this should at least get us started and hopefully prepare the house for the spray-foaming!  It arrived not long after I ordered it, and having just lugged it all up the stairs, I will spend the rest of the day installing it.

Attic insulation getting delivered
Attic insulation getting delivered

The only tough part about this, is getting the Roxul up the attic stairs, as the bags are too big to squeeze through the opening, so it’s endless trips up and down the stairs taking up a couple pieces at a time.  Cutting the batts is easily done with a standard kitchen (serrated) bread knife, which you need to do to fit them around plumbing, wiring, light boxes, and so forth.

Installing some attic insulation
Installing some attic insulation

I’ll get some more pictures as I get further along, though I am not sure they will come out much better than the photo above.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. Good thinking! Looking really fabulous! I can’t believe you are working in this bitter cold. Keep hydrated with warm liquids. Thanks for taking the time to update your progress. It is so exciting to see how you are progressing!

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