Next Steps to Insulation

Right now our main goal is to get the house complete enough to get the spray foam company to come out and do the insulation – after that the house will be sealed enough that we can probably largely move over into that while we finish the rest of construction, and we can stop worrying about any plumbing or our batteries freezing (currently running a propane heater in the basement to keep things above freezing).

I made a  list of things we still have left to do before we can insulate, and thought I’d share it here for fun  😉  They are listed in the rough order of priority.

  • Finish nailing remainder of framing angles (I had put this off in the rush to get the roof done, a possibly regrettable choice as some of the nailing is now more difficult to access and will take longer)
  • Complete plumbing supply rough-in (drains are all complete, waiting on materials to arrive to do the supply side)
  • Electrical rough-in (both AC house wiring and solar equipment)
  • Framing for fireplaces
  • Installation of HRV and associated ducting (exhaust from kitchen, bathrooms; supply to bedrooms, basement, living room)
  • Install remaining soffit on gable end, complete metal roof trim & fasteners, and ridge vent installation.
  • Install attic ladder
  • Install vapour barrier (6mil poly) on the ceiling of the main floor
  • Drywall ceiling of the main floor

When I sit back and look at that list, it’s kind of overwhelming, but I just have to work my way through one thing at a time and eventually it will all get done.  It is unfortunately still snowing, so I’ve arranged to borrow a safety harness for working on the remainder of the roof, and will have to try and get up there on the next sunny day (it’s November so god knows when that will be) to wrap all that stuff up.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Next Steps to Insulation

  1. You have done an enormous amount of work! Your to-do list seems daunting but I am thinking about how much you’ve accomplished so far and then it doesn’t seem so bad. You are right to do one thing at a time. Once the house is sealed and insulated you can plan to work daily all winter without weather delays.

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