More windows and the patio door

The past few days we have been getting a lot of rain so trying to get much done has been a challenge.  We started out by finishing framing in the gable ends, and then installing another course of sheathing on the far side of the house so that we could wrap the first course of Tyvek around the front and that side of the house and get the windows installed there.

After that I took a slight break from the house building to get a load of hay bales delivered (from a farmer up the road who donated them to our cause) to stack around the bottom of the RV to help us get through the colder nights a bit better – this actually makes a fair difference in how cold it gets in here!

Fortifying the RV with hay bales
Fortifying the RV with hay bales

Then we got back to the house, finished wrapping the Tyvek on the front and far side and installed another four windows:

Finally, I hired in some help to get the patio door and big picture window installed, both are extremely heavy so doing those alone was out of the question.  I’ll have to re-apply the Tyvek around the patio door once we finish the last course of sheathing on that back wall, but still, it’s a huge improvement.

Tomorrow we will, I think, continue installing more soffit and fascia boards (assuming the rain clears out) so we can finally get the rest of the ice & water barrier, and tar-paper, down on the roof so the water stops coming in!  Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. Love all the pictures! It will be nice when the roof is sealed and the outside is done. You are doing a wonderful job!

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