Completed Roof Sheathing

The past week has been fairly hectic as you can imagine – it was quite chilly (frost for a few days) that really got me motivated to keep at it and get stuff done.  Of course now it is back to >20 degrees C and muggy as heck, such is the turn of the seasons.

At any rate, I managed to get the roof sheathing completely installed:

And even managed to start trying out installing the “ice & water barrier” that goes down over the sheathing, under the metal roof:

This stuff is super heavy, and very difficult to unroll and stick down.  If you look closely you can see I’ve built a kind of handle for the roll, so I can unroll a bit at a time and then tack the hammer to the roof, to make sure the roll doesn’t get away from me.

Today we got some scaffolding delivered to make it easier to finish up the rest of the exterior wall sheathing, and I did a test installing a 12′ piece of HardiBoard vented soffit – super long so I had to build a couple temporary braces i can rest the soffit on until I get it nailed up – you can see that in these pictures:

We’ll continue to set up scaffolding and work our way around the house  to finish off nailing the exterior sheathing (many sheets just tacked in place) and we should be able to keep the scaffolding in place for doing the Tyvek house-wrap and for installing the siding as well.  Sure makes things easier than going up and down a ladder!

Take care, and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Completed Roof Sheathing

  1. It sure is looking great! Seems like you’ll get the house enclosed before the really cold weather. I sure hope so! It will be easier to be working inside. Can you bring in a kero heater to keep you warm inside while you work? I have to say again, I am so impressed! You are one talented and motivated guy!

    1. Thanks Fran! I prefer to think of myself as “disciplined” rather than motivated but, either way 🙂 We will definitely get some kind of heater inside once we get all the windows in!

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