Roof framing, continued

Yesterday and today Tom and I continued working on the roof, we started installing the roof rafters, there are 31 pairs of these and man are they heavy (especially the ones still wet from the last rain we got).  Here’s what we got done yesterday:

And here’s what we got done today before Tom had to return home to Vermont:

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the pictures!  Here’s a quick picture of our 26 Canadian Solar 250W panels:

250W Solar Panels
250W Solar Panels

4 thoughts on “Roof framing, continued

  1. All of this looks amazing!! We’re really impressed with what you have managed to build! It all looks very big and fantastic – even the weather seems to be co-operating.

    We’re also in the middle of demoltion/construction work but not anything like the wonderful project you guys have started.

    Congratulations for dreaming and daring to start this projects.

    Best of luck with the construction material, helpers and your health to keep going…

    Hilde and Osvaldo

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