Working on the roof

The past few days there has been some good progress.  I managed to finish off the attic joists:

Completed Attic Joists
Completed Attic Joists

After that, I had to go around the perimeter and install framing angles to effectively hold the roof in place on top of the rest of the house:

A34 & A35 Framing Angles
A34 & A35 Framing Angles

Today, my brother-in-law Tom came up from Vermont to help out, so we started working on the roof rafters.  We were able to get the ridge beams installed on temporary supports, and put up two of the roof rafters to get started.  All in all a huge day, and feels like we are getting closer to the end now!

And just to round things out, here’s a picture Heather took of our little seen, but excellent mouser:


Take care and thanks for reading!  Supposed to be another fine day for working tomorrow so we will continue with the roofing rafters and see how we get along.

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  1. Boy…..I am thinking a few extra plywood sheets to walk on would be safer? You are walking across those rafters like a couple of monkeys.

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