Many hands make short work

Today we got a lot accomplished.  Heathers uncle Paul was still here, so he managed to finish off the last of the interior perimeter walls, and Heathers brother John David and his family were here to help also.

They started out by helping drive nails for the sheathing – we have to drive a nail every 6″ so every bit of help here really counts…it’s reasonably easy work but it sure takes time!

While we were doing that, Heather took the kids to collect firewood for a small fire at the end of the day.

Finally, one of the last tasks that I really needed help with, and that I couldn’t do alone, was lifting the last three headers into place on top of the porch posts.  Yesterday when my cousin Jonathan and I lifted the first three headers into position, he was doing most of the lifting – today, it took four of us to do what he did nearly singlehandedly.

We rounded out an entirely successful day with a small fire and some marshmallow roasting for the kids.

I just wanted to take a moment to really issue a heartfelt thanks to Uncle Paul as well as John David, Danielle, Beatrice and Lionel.  It was really super having the extra help and goes a long way to getting us a weathertight shell!  It’s getting chilly outside in the mornings and with every passing day winter is getting closer.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed the pictures!