Main Floor Walls, etc

The past few days we have been continuing to assemble the main floor walls – at this point we are completely done the exterior perimeter walls, now we are about halfway through the interior perimeter walls.

We also received our twenty-four (24) Surrette S-1860 batteries, these monsters weigh about 130lbs each and are filled with acid just to keep you on your toes.  The trucker just dropped them at the end of our driveway on pallets, but as luck would have it, the incredible Wayne from Valley Sanitation showed up to get his digger, and was a huge help to us – we would put a bunch of batteries into the bucket on his digger, and move them from the end of the driveway, the five hundred or so feet back to the house.  Two trips and we’d gotten them all.  Unfortunately did not get any pictures of this, but they would have been classic – me riding in the digger bucket stabilizing the batteries…wild!

Anyway I started to frame up a wall in our basement where we can mount our inverter, and have placed the batteries directly under that on the pallets they came on.  We will enclose them in a sealed box later on, but we’ve at least got them inside out of the elements where it’s cooler, for the time being.

In the next couple days we expect to finish up the walls and start putting on the sheathing – then it’ll really start looking like a house!

Take care, and thanks for reading!