Main Water Line Installation

Our well installers came back to install our “soft-start” Grundfos well pump, it’s a 240VAC unit that draws a max of 7.9Amps but is specifically designed to not require a surge of power to get started like typical pumps would.  This will help when drawing power from our solar system, as surges on motor startups can drain a battery bank at a pretty quick rate.

After they installed the main line to the house, they connect it to an expansion or pressure tank (30 gallon) which is essentially a buffer to ensure water pressure from the well is always constant – as we draw water and the pressure starts to fall in the tank, the pump activates to refill the tank.

We still have a tap we can open to get water from the well, which should get us through until we have our electrical wiring done with the pump wired up.  Because the line from the well is so shallow, I put down 4″ of rigid xps foam down over it which we had leftover from the basement insulation.  I hand-shoveled sand over that to ensure it was bedded in well, then had an excavator fill up the rest of the trench with sand to level it off.

More posts coming shortly, thanks for reading!