Exterior Basement Insulation, Grading, and Backfilling

The last two weeks have been reasonably quiet but we are still making progress.  Our house kit will not arrive on site until August 7th, or 8th, but until then we are preparing for the septic system, and the well pump + main water line to the house to be installed.  This includes backfilling, with many, many dumptrucks full of sand (17 by my count), and then digging a trench from the side of the house out to the water well.

We have also been occupying our time constructing a greenhouse shed, 8’x10′, and I’ve included some pictures of that below.

The last thing we did was have a loop added to our driveway to make it easier to get in and out.  The next steps are getting the well pump and main water line installed, as well as the septic system – stay tuned for updates on that!