Some Spring Gardening

Over the past week we have been darting out in between the rain showers to get our garden started.  This included bolstering our berry patch with a new blueberry plant, and 25 everbearing strawberry roots – this added to our already healthy blueberry and two raspberry bushes.

We also chose a couple of high-bush cranberries to plant nearer to entrance to our property for a bit more interest when you first come in.

Garden Started
Our newly planted herb / lettuce and ornamental plant garden. Not much to see, yet!

On top of that we also started the herb and lettuce patch, by planting eight heads of red-leaf lettuce, 16 regular / curly parsley plants, another 6 italian parsley, and I think around 8 kale plants – god willing we will be self-reliant in terms of producing fresh greens for bunny’s daily needs in the near future.

A friend of ours had, a few years back now, given us a Cornos Alternifolia which we had planted in Toronto, but liked it so much we dug it up and brought it here with us.  We got that in the ground with a good bed of compost to settle it in, and hopefully it will thrive here.

Heather also ordered a selection of flowers and deer resistant plants which we planted appropriately around the garden bed – we’ll try and get some picture of them when they poke their way up and start making a show of it!

I was absolutely savaged mercilessly by mosquitoes during all the planting and am now covered in welts from all the bites.  Down with mosquito kind!

2 thoughts on “Some Spring Gardening

  1. I am so impressed! Looking forward to seeing more posts as the garden matures.

  2. Sooooo……the bugs have arrived. I remember it well. We started clearing the property in mt cascades in 1976 in May and I nearly died from black fly and mosquito bites. The house plan did not include a screened porch……very dumb on our part. The bugs were merciless from May to July and all summer evenings, with a fresh crop of gnats bursting forth in September until frost. Once we realized we were house-bound, we added a screened porch very shortly after. So…hopefully you have one built into your house plans. Honestly, you can not enjoy the fresh air in the country without it . It’s not like St. Anicet where the breeze seems to control them. Nice gardening!

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